Clint Brown

Clint is fully trained in hazardous materials and USP <800> hazardous drug handling, as well as radiation safety and Department of Transportation guidelines for the transportation and shipment of hazardous materials. He has completed individualized training at the Eagleson Institute in Sanford, Maine to certify clean benches and Class II Biological Safety Cabinets. Clint is proficient at utilizing NSF 49 and IEST protocols for biological safety cabinet and clean bench certification – including HEPA leak testing, airflow tests, and smoke pattern testing. He has decades of experience using inspection methodology across many fields with emphasis on efficiency and accuracy.

Catherine Cashmore, PharmD, ANP

Cathy graduated from Idaho State University College of Pharmacy in 1993, and has focused her career on teaching, drug information, and nuclear pharmacy. She has extensive experience calculating airflows and derived air concentrations of airborne isotopes for Nuclear Regulatory Commission inspections. Her co-owned nuclear pharmacy has recently installed a USP <800>-compliant room so rural hospitals and their patients can continue to have access to this important class of drugs. She has broad experience in the creation and implementation of Standard Operating Procedures.

Thain Cashmore

Thain has taught physical science, physics and robotics for the past 30 years. Affectionately known as Blackfoot High’s own “MacGyver,” Thain is pleased to bring his extensive experience in data collection, analysis, mechanical diagnosis and problem-solving skills to Mountain Air Hood Certification. Thain is fully trained in radiation safety, HIPAA, bloodborne pathogens, hazardous materials, and has had hands-on training at the Eagleson Institute to certify clean benches and biological safety cabinets.

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